Photo Id de-duplication

Instantly identify duplicates in large Photo ID databases

Without relaying on resource intensive and the questionable reliability of facial recognition, Videntifier is able to rapidly match together duplications of scanned ID photos as well as providing instant matching of individual photo ID's in datasets with hundreds of millions of Photo IDs


Port authorities

Border guards and airports can use the technology to identify ID photos that have been compromized

Private companies

Private companies such as banks and telco's can reduce the chance of fraud and prevent users from establishing mulitple accounts. 

Law enforcement

Law enforcement authorities can use the technology to reduce the risk of ID misuse, identity theft and fraud.

Simple user interface instantly highlights any possible matches


100's millions

Image capacity of each server setup without significant reduction in performance


Number of average duplications per ID image in major publicID image databases

< 0.1 second

Time to run a each image through the database, regardless of its size

Videntifier Photo Id duplication is ready for immediate deployment on-site or as a hosted service


All data on page is simulated with random images