Camera identification

Instantly identify camera devices using the revolutionary sensor pattern noise technology.

Videntifier CameraID allows law enforcement agencies to investigate whether images on the Internet are connected to seized or intercepted media in cases involving illegal imagery.  




An unknown individual threatens terrorist action. The threatening video includes footage of the masked individual during training. 


Using Videntifier search, a picture taken from a different investigation but shot at the same event is identified through partial matching of backgrounds. 


The unique sensor pattern of the camera used by the suspect is matched to a previously unrelated content which identifies the suspect.

Built on radical new and patented technology

Videntifier's sensor pattern noise technology was developed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding law enforcement agencies in the world. The patented technology uses invisible and unique features imprinted on images by unavoidable defects in the digital camera chip to match images taken by individual cameras. 


10's millions

Image capacity of each server setup without significant reduction in performance


Number of camera SPN signatures that can be contained in a single database

< 1 second

Time to run a single image through the database

Videntifier SPN is ready for immediate deployment on-site or as a hosted service